Our Equipment

Discussion systems

  • We are proud to be one of the very few companies across the Middle East to own the latest conference system by BOSCH called DICENTIS – a revolutionary IP-based platform for the integrated conference world of tomorrow. This unique family provides an enhanced meeting experience – thanks to the intelligent Bosch audio technologies, innovative design and advanced discussion functionalities.
    This technology provides high quality, efficient solutions for any type of conference system needed–whether it be for discussions, interpretation or more. Putting the technical speak to one side, event organisers can rest assured that we use only the latest equipment – and our technicians know how to get the best out of it!

Automated Camera Control

Cameras used in conjunction with our discussion system allow the delegates to appear on the screen during discussion meetings – especially useful for large groups where interpretation is needed, this allows the delegates to see each other as well as allowing the interpreter to see the speaker. The positions of the delegate-units are pre-programmed, and as soon as a microphone is activated, a camera with the best angle turns on the speaker.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

  • Digital infrared language distribution system from Bosch, with which conference delegates can enjoy complete freedom of movement, while listening to the language interpretation of their choice.

Voting System

  • Interactive Voting is an interactive way of making presentations and improving communication in all types of groups. It facilitates contact between speakers and listeners by allowing the speaker to ask questions and take answers from the audience. This way, the passive listener becomes an active participant in the speaker’s presentation.

Sound Equipment

  • Along with the above items, we will provide the necessary sound equipment for your event including: speakers, up-to-date microphones and a sound mixer so that we can ensure the optimum level of sound at all times. Microphones can be fixed, handheld or clip-on. We can also provide portable PA systems for your lunches or cocktail receptions as well as providing background music during your coffee breaks.

Teleprompter w/ Arabic speaking operator

  • While a number of companies have teleprompter equipment, only a few have the capacity to offer full service – with experienced, Arabic speaking operators, who can assist the clients in editing speeches – as well as recognise and adapt to impromptu changes in the presentation, so they can quickly scroll to the upcoming paragraph.

Technical Support

  • What do you look for in a technician? Experienced in all aspects of audio visual equipment, excellent at trouble-shooting, fast response times, arrives well ahead of schedule, well presented and amenable to you and your Clients. This is what we provide. We also double-check your presentations, test them with your Speakers, update them when needed and explain concisely to you and your Speakers or Clients what they need to know.
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